Wrex OLiver

Wrex Oliver

   Wrex Oliver is a plant-based (Vegan) pornographic actor and director in the Adult Industry and Health Advocate . Wrex started in the Adult Industry in 2013 as he started as a production assistant,  He later became a driver for an award winning starlet, where he had learn more about the industry and the people around it. Later he has met with a fellow vegan and award winning photographer/director and had started his career as a pornographic actor / director.

  On Monday December 23, 2013, Wrex had been listening to the radio when he heard Dr. John Mcdougall as a guest on the "Coast to Coast". Wrex had listened to the whole show and was convinced that a whole foods plant based diet was the correct diet for all humans. Wrex immediately adopted this diet with passion and has not given it up ever since. In the first month of adopting the diet he has lost 18 pounds of fat, without exercise.  He continued on his plant based diet then later adopted the vegan lifestyle, and is against animal cruelty.

  In the summer of 2015 til March of 2016, Wrex took a hiatus on his performing to work on his appearance and body. He did not feel that he was up to par to be a performer in the industry. After a hard 6 months of training, Wrex had made a comeback and is ready as ever to work hard to become the best performer and will never give up.  Join him on his adventure in the Adult Industry! 


Wrex mission is too show the world that a plant based diet is the most optimal for all men in all aspects such as, longevity, vitally and sex.

All models appearing on this website are 18 years or older.
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