Wrex OLiver

Wrex Oliver

This routine is based 3 days on 1 day off. repeat. 

One of my many routines.



One min breaks only!

Incline bench 45deg flies

15lbs dumbbells    x30
20lbs dumbbells    x25                                           
25 lbs dumbbells to failure                                                      

Incline presses dumbbells

20lb dumbbells      x30 reps
25lb dumbbells      x20 reps
30lbs dumbbells    X Failure

Repeat all of the above on flat bench.


Seated dumbbell press above head
10lbs30 reps
25lbs20 reps
40lbsto Failure                               

Side lateral dumbbell raises standing
5lbs      X30reps                          
15lbs   XFailure       
20lbs   XFailure             

Front lateral raises(marching)            
5lbs       X30reps                          
15lbs    XFailure       
20lbs    XFailure

Bent-over lateral
3 sets of 20 with 20lbs

Laying skull crushers
30lb barbell x25 reps    
50lb barbell x Failure
50lb barbell x Failure     

Cable Pull Downs with rope            
3 sets of 20 reps 50lbs



Back, Bicep, Core


Bent-Over Rows     

Olympic bar warmup(45lbs) x 40 reps
Olympic bar + 50 lbs            x Failure

Repeat above to failure!

Seated Lat Pull-downs Front 3sets
55lbs      x30                                    
100lbs    x20
160lbs    xFailure

Seated cable rows
3 sets of 15 with 100lbs
One min breaks


Hyper extension(roman chair)

3 sets of 20 reps
1 min breaks


Standing barbell curls
30lbs for 30 reps
40lbs for 20 reps
40lbs to Failure!

Preacher curls on preacher bench
30lbs for 30 reps
40lbs for 20 reps
40lbs to Failure!


Day Three


4 sets

Olympic bar                     x40 reps.
Olympic bar +20lbs       x25 reps                            
Olympic bar +40lbs       x20 reps                      
Olympic bar +60lbs       x15 reps

Walking lunges
Slow long steps. Walk length of gym.
4 sets.


Seated calf raises

40 lbs ~   4 sets to Failure






For cardio, I wake up in the morning and havea cup of black coffee then go out running for at-least 30 / 40 min. This is most effective due to the fact, your body is running off of fat and not carbohydrates. Your cardio must be changed to something different every week to prevent a plateau effect. 

Do not mix cardio / weight training together this is a common mistake. For example. Do not run for 40 min then go weight lifting, This will hinder your results for your muscles. Best to do cardio in the morning then weight training at night is what I do.


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